FluidCELL Newsletter, Issue 6, September 2018. Download file.

Membrane Reactor Projects Newsletter Vol. 1 issue 1. Download file.

FluidCELL Newsletter, Issue 4, May 2016. Download file.

FluidCELL Newsletter, Issue 3, November 2015. Download file.

FluidCELL Newsletter, Issue 2, April 2015. Download file.

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FluidCELL Final Publishable Summary. Download file.

D2.3 Industrial and market introduction requirements for bio-ethanol fuelled Fuel Cell CHP systems. Download file.

D7.1 State-of-the-art

of PEM FCs for stationary applications. Download file.

D9.3 Environmental LCA. Download file.

D9.5 Safety assessment of the m-CHP. Download file.

D10.1 First dissemination activity report. Download file.

D10.5 Final dissemination and exploitation workshop. Download file.

D10.6 Second dissemination activity report. Download file.

D10.9 Potential and markets of the improved m-CHP system. Download file.


Others communications

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