TECNALIA is a private, non-profit, research organisation resulting from the merger (1st January 2011) of eight research centres: Fundación Cidemco, Fundación ESI-European Software Institute, Fundación European Virtual Engineering, Fundación Fatronik, Fundación Inasmet, Fundación Labein, Fundación Leia and Fundación Robotiker. With around 1,419 people (188 PhD) and 113 M€ revenues in 2011, TECNALIA is the leading private research organisation in Spain.

TECNALIA understand its role as innovation partner of industry and of public organisations, working to a common goal: turning knowledge into gross domestic product for improving quality of life generating and developing business opportunities through applied research. TECNALIA acts as a service provider in the field of application oriented-research and technology development combining broad interdisciplinary skills with specialised know-how operating on Business Units of a sectoral nature. Energy and Environment, Sustainable Construction, Innovation Strategies, ICT, Industry and Transport, Health and Technological Services are the fields in which TECNALIA is specialized.

TECNALIA´s Energy and Environment Division is working on renewable energies (solar, biomass, wind, sea power) and efficient and sustainable energy vectors (energy storage, hydrogen, fuel cells). The activities under the present proposal will be mainly carried out by the Materials for Energy and Environment Dept. of the Energy and Environment division of TECNALIA. This Dept. is constituted by 30 scientists and technicians (including 11 PhD and 6 PhD students). Main groups of the department involved in the project are: i) membranes technology, ii) advanced surface technology (including wet and dry surface technologies) and iii) materials for extreme environments (i.e., corrosion).

TECNALIA holds several accreditations and certificates such as the Certification of the Quality Management System as per UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 for the Management of Projects of Research, Technological Innovation and Development, Tests and Assays, and Client Technological Assessment. Since 1989, the Foundation (previously INASMET) has been providing initiatives for European projects in the R&D field. TECNALIA has a European Programmes office working since 2000 dealing with the administrative, financial and legal issues related to European programmes. This office was created to encourage the different technological units from TECNALIA and their industrial partners to actively participate in European Programmes and to support them in the preparation of proposals and the accomplishment of research projects funded by the EC. Very active in the FP7 Programme, TECNALIA has participated in more than 264 funded projects, 64 of them as coordinator. TECNALIA is a full member of the FCH-JU Researching Group (N.ERGHY).