Politecnico di Milano is a public technical university established in 1863, nowadays organised in 12 departments and a network of 6 Schools of Engineering, Architecture and Industrial Design. The number of students enrolled in all campuses is approximately 40,000, which makes the Politecnico di Milano the largest Engineering School in Italy.

The research activity pursued at the Department of Energy spans a wide range of thermo-fluid-dynamic and chemical processes required to convert primary energy sources (including fossil, renewable and wastes) into useful forms of energy (electricity, heat, synthetic fuels) in stationary and mobile plants. Nuclear and electrical engineering research groups are also active in the Department. The support for the Fluidcell project will be granted mainly by the Group of Energy Conversion Systems (GECOS).

The main subjects investigated by the GECOS Group are related to advanced power generation technologies, either by using clean fuels or by applying advanced clean technologies to dirty fuels, with a particular focus to carbon capture techniques, integrated in plants for the production of power and/or hydrogen. GECOS group has participated in many EU FP7 projects (CAESAR, CACHET-II, DEMOYS, DEMOCLOCK) and FCH-JU projects (REFORCELL, FERRET)

In Fluidcell project, the GECOS Group of Politecnico di Milano will investigate the integration between the membrane reactor and PEM fuel cell. Detailed mass and energy balances assessed will be used as input for the economic and LCA assessment of the innovative technology.